Procedure for mutton curry

1.Cooking mutton

Take the cut mutton pieces in a pressure cooker. Add turmeric powder, enough salt and 1/2 glass of mix well. Once they are dissolved, close the lid and wait for 9 whistles. Carefully turn off the flame and open the lid of the cooker and check if the mutton is cooked. Take cooked mutton to a bowl and set aside. It there is any water in the cooker set aside with water. We are almost done with the first part. Now comes the second part of cooking.

2. Frying the spices

Heat a pan over a medium  flame add oil. Add bay leaf, star anise, long pepper, cinnamon, caradmon and cloves. Let them splutter. After a minute, add chopped onions and slit green chilly mix well Now add ginger and garlic paste mix well. Close the lid for 2 minutes until the raw smell disappears. After 2 minutes, open the lid and add coconut paste, mix well. Adjust the oil if necessary to fry coconut paste. Add chopped tomatoes mix well. Close the lid and cook till the tomatoes become mushy. Add red chili, cumin, meat masala and homemade  garam  masala powders gives a nice aromatic excellent taste.

3.Adding boiled mutton

Add boiled mutton mix well. Taste the curry and adjust the salt. Add chopped coriander leaves mix well. Close the lid and fry all the spices for 2 minutes. Add 1/2 glass of water mix well and cook for 2 minutes. Adjust the water as for the consistency of gravy. Switch off the fire. Take into a serving bowl. Serve the delicious mutton curry with hot rice, chapati, parata, naan or with biryani.

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